I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I joined back in 1964 after a long struggle with faith. I had loved the Savior ever since I could remember, but the church of my youth deserted me as it moved into the intellect movement of the 60's. Without spiritual guidance, I fell away. The Lord distinguished between the words of my mouth and the longing of my heart. He knew that I wanted to believe and so he sent a young woman who told me the story of the Restored Gospel. She bore her testimony of Jesus Christ and promised me that I could know for myself and have my own testimony.

Now forty-six years later I can only thank her from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to the church. Indeed I do have my own testimony. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, called to restore Christ's church to the earth. We have a prophet today who leads and guides us. I am so grateful for Latter-day scriptures that bear testimony of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is the Word of God. It stands as another witness of the Savior and it's truths have touched my life in very personal ways.

I hope that my poetry reflects the growth of my testimony and my love for Jesus Christ.

The Scriptures

For many, many years I have read the scriptures daily.  I love the stories of Jesus the most but within all of the books of the Bible and the Book of Mormon are certain passages that are special to me.  We all have our favorites.  I am partial to the 23rd Psalm, the Sermon on the Mount, Paul's discourse on charity, Alma's words at the waters of Mormon (and about a hundred others).  However, at a time in my life when I was really searching for some answers, I discovered something.  As I really searched the scriptures and when my heart was open to learn, I began to find my answers right there in those books I had read so many times before.  It was like words just jumped off the page as I read.  Often I had never remembered reading them before.  It was an amazing discovery.   It is one of the nicest gifts the Lord has given to me - to us.  To all of us.  He speaks to us through the words of scripture written long ago and preserved so that we might be so touched.

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